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It came to the attention of KitFox Design Group over the weekend that a non-established 501c3 non-profit organization named the “Young Gunner Project” [created by Mr. Brian Lloyd of New Braunfels, Texas] is falsely using firearm illustrations, the original intellectual property of KitFox Design Group owner, Sara Westman. Mr. Lloyd has created the nonprofit in an attempt to promote a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe[.]com for a firearm-themed ‘activity book’ to teach children the importance of gun safety. KitFox Design Group has zero affiliation with the project despite the evidence of intentional theft of original intellectual property.

However, on March 22nd, 2017, Mr. Lloyd emailed Westman through the KitFox Design Group contact form located on the company’s official website, seeking an interest in his project. After extensive research, it became clear that Mr. Lloyd was a non-established 501c3 non-profit organization, despite his testimonial on the GoFundMe page stating that the “Young Gunner Project” is an established nonprofit in the State of Texas. Unfortunately, KitFox Design Group and Westman have had to turn down many opportunities to work with nonprofits in recent months due to a previously established workload. However, due to the complete lack of Mr. Lloyd’s nonprofit proof of existence, his request for illustration services did not warrant a response from Westman.


In Mr. Lloyd’s GoFundMe testimonial for the “Young Gunner Project”, he used phrasing and displayed photos of Westman’s original intellectual property that was taken directly from the KitFox Design Group website making it appear as if he is intending to use Westman’s original intellectual property in his activity book.

“Young Gunner Project “Responsible Shooter Activity Book” is coming along, here is a sneak peak at what we are putting together, donate$50 or more and get the first printed copies.”

In the featured pictures for the ‘sneak peek’ of the “Young Gunner Project” GoFundMe campaign, Mr. Lloyd made a conscious effort to remove Noveske and Griffon markings from two stolen illustrations and proceeded to add his own logos to the illustrations. However, he neglected to remove the KitFox Design Group markings including the orange stripe, and various logos, including the KitFox Design Group’s Jump Fox logo, from the banner he knowingly screen-shot from the KitFox Design Group website.


Mr. Lloyd’s actions were an effort of blatant theft of Westman’s original intellectual property. Not only is this type of decision-making illegal, but it is also concerning on a human level due to the importance of children’s firearm safety. False non-profits do not help us move forward in educating America’s youth on the handling and safety of firearm use.

Westman’s attorney is handling the legal end of this matter, and the KitFox Design Group team ask that any public statements made towards Mr. Lloyd and his business avoid profanity and name calling. Please focus all efforts of supporting KitFox Design Group on Mr. Lloyd’s blatant theft of original property from KitFox Design Group and Sara Westman, as well as utilizing the publicity of KitFox Design Group to falsely promote his brand and (possibly illegitimate) non-profit for financial gain.

Sara Westman of KitFox Design Group has included screen shots of Mr. Lloyd’s promotion of Westman’s stolen intellectual property for his own promotion. Again, please avoid profanity and name calling in any comments, but feel free to leave reviews on his “Non-profit” Facebook page Young Gunner Project so that people are aware of Brian’s character flaws.

Any questions or concerns may be directed towards